Fun with Runny Paint! August 3, 2-4pm. Call 413-9101 to sign up.

The Eclectic Art of Alice and Chuck Harmon

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New Moon Art Gallery

1326 East Sprague Avenue, Spokane, Washington 99202, United States

(509) 325-0471 (509) 413-9101


About Us

Our Background

Alice started painting as a girl and has been painting off and on for about 70 years.  Chuck started painting in 2009.  Since 2010 we've shown in galleries and other venues around Spokane, Washington

Our Mediums

We use many different mediums, but lately Alice has been using acrylics exclusively, and Chuck 90/10 acrylics/oils.

Our Inspiration

We live in the Downriver neighborhood of Spokane.    Alice's studio looks out over the Spokane River, while Chuck has a studio of his own on the main floor.  Inspiration comes from images in and around Spokane, and from our travels, mostly thru the western states.


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